At THECO Inc. we understand how important it is to keep your equipment running at peak performance. This is why providing excellent service is a priority of ours. THECO Inc. customers have access to a very knowledgeable staff with decades of experience who can service your machine and ensure it is working properly.

Our customers can speak directly to the engineers who designed their machine, which is unique to the industry. This makes trouble shooting even the most complicated issues manageable, usually with just a phone conversation. It is nice when the person on the other end of the line knows every nut and bolt on your machine – because that person designed and helped build it.

THECO Inc. also has multiple field technicians with fully equipped service/crane trucks who can handle any field issue including electrical, mechanical or hydraulic. Our technicians are also capable of on-site steel fabrication, belt repair and vulcanizing.

Contact us at 1-800-776-0335 (Toll free) or (763) 263-0505 (Office) to get in touch with your local service representative.