Aggregates, Sand & Gravel

There are construction materials in all buildings, roads, footpaths and bridges. Few of us have considered what these materials are, where they came from, or how they’ve been processed.

The majority of our built environment is formed from raw materials won from the earth by the extractive industries, and in order to produce a usable end-product, the rock or sand and gravel has to be crushed and screened into various size categories.

THECO Inc. offers a comprehensive range of crushing, screening, conveying and washing equipment, including varying sizes of tracked jaw, cone and impact crushers; tracked heavy-duty and highly-productive incline and horizontal screen plants.

Crushers and screens are designed to take raw feed and reduce them to usable aggregates sizes. The versatility of having a fully mobile crusher or screen allows the customer to process raw materials into finished aggregate quickly and efficiently. In turn, this helps keep the operating costs low by reducing the amount of raw material movement, keeping transportation and fuel costs to a minimum. As well as saving on costs, it also reduces the carbon footprint, making the equipment environmentally-friendly.

In the world that we live in, without raw materials being processed efficiently into usable aggregates by equipment, we would not be able to build houses, hospitals, schools, factories, roads and bridges.

Environmental Recycling

THECO Inc. also offers solutions for the recycling of many types of materials – from construction and demolition waste (C&D Waste), to recycled aggregates, soils and composts. These materials are processed using crushers, grinders, shredders and screens to provide materials such as road base, finished top soil or mulches.

The use of mobile crushing & screening equipment in recycling has evolved around the processing of recycled raw materials into secondary materials derived from used concretes, asphalt, and china clay waste, to glass and construction and demolition waste from various sources.

Recycling equipment can be used in the reduction and separation of recycled raw materials into usable secondary aggregates or sands, or to simply reduce landfill capacity. Other processes suited to the proper equipment can include the sizing of soils, composts and wood bark to make finished material that can be used in parks, sports fields, golf courses and garden areas.


THECO Inc. can also offer a range of crushing and screening equipment capable of handling the toughest applications. Our products have been developed to cope with the most difficult minerals and materials within the mining industry.

Our employees can offer guidance on which machines are best suited to meet customers’ requirements for finished products, at the specified tonnages, in the most cost-effective manner.

The employees at THECO Inc. also have extensive knowledge in operating machines in extreme conditions, that is why it is possible to offer machines which can operate in desert or arctic conditions.

THECO Inc. is also able to provide a complete solution allowing customers to increase throughput potential. This total solution covers front-end crushing and screening to final washing, magnetic separation and water treatment.

We at THECO Inc. understand that unscheduled downtime costs resources and money. We have relationships with dealers around the globe who provide knowledgeable and experienced support to our customers on mine sites in remote locations.